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"Your eyes are the windows to your soul..."

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, why not make sure they are amazing all the time?  Eyelash extensions are the secret to longer, fuller, more beautiful looking lashes and they look as real as though you were born with them.  They can make you look years younger, as they make your eyes appear as they were lifted all while giving you one less thing to do in the morning as its, Goodbye mascara, hello lash extensions.  Just like real lashes our lash extensions are resistant to water, heat, pool chlorine, and water based cleansers, although you should avoid getting them wet for 24 hours after application.  Lashes are applied one at a time to your natural eyelashes.  They come in different lengths, curls, colors, and every set is customized to our clients preference.  We offer 3 lash extension packages:  Classic, Volume and Mega Volume.

Lash Gallery

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