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My life may not be perfect, , but my Manicure is.

Treat yourself to any of our signature manicure or pedicure treatments at our nail salon including  acrylic nails, shellac nails, nail art, or even mani/pedis for the kids.  Our technicians offer innovative nail services like keratin treatments and stock contemporary color kits to add fresh, new color choices to the game.

Amalie’s Signature Copper Pedicure Bowls available.

In ancient Egypt ionized copper was used to purify water.  Here at Amalie, all of our pedicures are done using copper bowls.  Soaking feet in a copper bowl has well-known health benefits.  Not only do we choose to use our copper bowls, because they are anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, copper is absorbed through the body during soaking that enters the bloodstream, and helps to achieve a healthier immune system,  as well in aiding in relief of joint pain.

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